Eulie Williams

Eulie Williams


Eulalie “Eulie” Williams is a native of St. Thomas US Virgin Islands. Eulie came to Columbus through her career in the military. She was stationed at Fort Benning, where she met her husband, Will, in 2002. Their military careers took them to all different parts of the world, but they were reunited in Fort Jackson, South Carolina in 2009. Two years later, determined not to be separated again, Eulie and Will got married and found themselves back in Fort Benning. Eulie and her husband have now been here for six years and have loved making the Columbus area their home for them and their three children.

After retiring, Eulie opened one of the first Mobile Shoe Stores in the area. She sells trendy Men’s and Ladies’ shoes and accessories. She has been successful in maintaining a continuous online presence, in implementing several marketing techniques and in fostering her commitment to serve. Eulie has a strong desire to serve people, which is what inspired her to venture into Real Estate.

Thanks to her career in the military, Eulie is very familiar with the stress of moving and relocating. During her time in the military, she moved over eight times. So, she truly understands the importance of being settled and having the right place to call home.

As a Realtor, Eulie’s ultimate goal is to provide excellent and professional service with first class treatment. Her clients will be treated with respect and she will listen to their needs and offer advice as a subject matter expert.

Eulie looks forward to building lasting relationships in the community through assisting people with their Buying, Selling, or Rental needs.