Meryl Rifkin

Meryl Rifkin


Licensed in both Georgia and Alabama.

Though I was born and raised in Flushing, NY, I consider Columbus, Ga to be my hometown. Came here in 1992 as a well-traveled military wife and quickly established my real estate career with Kennon & Parker Realtors many years before they became affiliated with Coldwell Banker. Even back then, they were the number one Realty Company in town and that still holds true today. Having a young son at the time and two very busy teenage daughters in 1996, I left real estate to be mom full-time. Through the course of the years that followed, I found myself as an owner of a home repair and faux finishing business for five years. My inner creativity not only found its way in faux artistry but led me to many acting roles at the historic Springer Opera House, The Human Experience Theatre, and the Theatre Dept. at Columbus State University. And in 2007 to late 2012, I had the opportunity to live in Los Angeles and worked as both an actress and 'extra' in TV, films, and commercials. Even earned my SAG-AFTRA membership after being featured in a national Jennie-O Turkey commercial. To make my long story, short, I returned to real estate in the Spring of 2014 after 'only' an 18 year hiatus. I am back home at Coldwell Banker, Kennon, Parker, Duncan & Davis and found that real estate never left my blood. I love it more now than ever, enjoying helping people buy and sell homes. I am obsessed with giving my all and can assure you that the passion and attention I exude is genuine. You will always get a smile from me in person or on the telephone. I can assure you that when you call, text, or email, I am either right there on the other end or quick to respond. Communication is key.

I cordially ask you for your business. In return, I will give you great service and make the journey as smooth as possible. With that, please have a wonderful day and I look forward to meeting you very soon.