Mike Kinsaul

Mike Kinsaul


Hello and thank you for clicking on my profile. My name is Mike Kinsaul and I have lived in the Columbus area for over a decade. I was born in San Antonio, Texas and lived there till I was in 2nd grade. Our family moved to Warner Robins, Georgia after my father was transferred to Robins Air Force Base. Growing up, my life revolved around competition cheerleading and coaching gymnastics. After graduating from high school, I moved to Columbus to attend college and cheer at Columbus State University. There I would obtain a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice and later a Master's Degree in Public Safety Administration.

Throughout high school and college, I worked as a gymnastics coach. During my senior semester of college, I interned at the Columbus Probation Office. After graduation, I was blessed with getting hired on as a Probation Officer. What I enjoyed most about being a Probation Officer was the impact you have on the community and the people you supervise. You are able to address the needs of others including employment, substance use, and even educational needs. I would later be promoted to an Assistant Chief and Center Administrator for the office's rehabilitative program.

I first met my husband Caleb in 2015 and we tied the knot on my birthday in 2017. It was Caleb who first introduced me to the world of real estate. I was inspired watching him start and grow his home inspection business into what it is today. From then on, I had a strong desire to work in real estate. In April 2020, our son Luke was born. He is truly a blessing and every day we are grateful his birth parents chose us. Getting to carry Luke out of the hospital is a moment I will forever cherish. It was becoming a dad that gave me the last bit of confidence I needed to make the jump from law enforcement to real estate.

From Officer to Realtor, I still carry the same passion and motivation for helping others. I would be truly honored to help you make that jump to your next home. Thank you again for taking the time to read my story. Now that you know mine, I would love to get to know yours!