Terri Kelley

Terri Kelley


What can I tell you about me.....

WELL... I'm a Mother of Two and a Loving wife to my Husband...

But other than that... I am a Military Brat I Spent most of my life overseas in Germany and Italy...I moved to Georgia about 10 years ago to be near the rest of my Family.

As for my Career... I managed Pawn Shops for 10 years... I worked for Edward Jones Investments, I've been a top collector for a 3rd party collection agency, which taught me all that I Needed to know to help Clients with their credit issues and then for Chase mortgage. The combination of all of this is what led me into my Real Estate career... at the fall of the market in 2008 I worked in loss mitigation, helping many family's stay in their homes when they didn't see any way possible. I then started working as a Mitigation specialist doing short sales and helping people to sell their homes rather than lose them in foreclosure.

After a long and winding career, I decided to pursue my Real Estate License... There is nothing I enjoy more than helping my Clients with whatever obstacles they may have when looking to buy their dream homes...

I have had the opportunity to help over 150 Families find a new home, and have created a strong network to be able to show you the way and help you along the path to homeownership!

I'll be by your side Step by Step!